Amil Baymashkin - Singer, Songwriter, Guitarist, Music Producer



If you are ever in a room and his songs start playing, you pause what you're doing and instantly start wondering, "Who's this artist?" or "I have to find out more!" 

Established as a singer-songwriter under his name in late-June 2017, Amil Baymashkin is an up-and-comer in the music scene worth taking notice. 

He is a self-taught songwriter, singer, multi-instrumentalist, performer, and music producer. Having self-written and self-produced 62 songs as of May 2024, he is quickly becoming a prolific musical artist. With no degree in musical composition, nor music production, his basement-recorded music using $15 earphones is starting to level up to the professional hit writers and recording artists of the billboard charts. In addition to being catchy, melodic, and creative, each song has its own story to tell, and the atmosphere created by his sounds and performance brings that story to life in a way not done before. Whether it's a sad or happy one, you feel that in his music. 

Comparing his first year of 2017 to present 2024, is like night and day now. With his constant strive for greatness in what he is passionate about, it is clear that it's only a matter of time before you hear one his songs on your favourite radio station. Whether it's the ones already released or the next ones to come! 

"Go With The First" is the latest track released.


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